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Sunday, 8 April 2012

EPISODE 35 - The BEST of 2012/Jon Wallace Interview/Movies on a plane/Bruce Campbell's cameos in Campbell's Corner

This week, back in the old co-pilots leatherette buttock warmer after a spell is Mr. Jon Wallace and man does it feel good to have the old twosome back together!

I take the opportunity to grill Senior Wallace on his favourite films, favourite podcast and what films he's looking forward to in 2012.

Also, having done a bit of flying lately, Herr Wallace gives us 'Movies on a Plane' a look at some films he watched at 35,000 feet!

AND FINALLY we talk Bruce Campbell's early 90s cameos in Campbell's Corners!

Also this week - Hear Jon and I do comedy live in London, as our double act Scandia-Hus, with a blast from the past recording of some sketches we did back in 2006 in front of actual humans!

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