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Sunday, 4 March 2012

EPISODE 31 - The Crazy Vehicle Special - Supervan & MegaForce PLUS Wanderlust/Hugo/Safe House

Barry Bostwick gives Persis Khambatta something I like to call a plum supper

Well here it is, our first episode as a TLA Cult award nominated podcast!
and what a show we have!

This week we are joined by Doug Frye from the Schlock Treatment podcast and as per his request we cover two films that feature crazy vehicles:
Supervan and MegaForce 

All sorts of questions are asked about the carefree nature of molestation in van culture, costuming choices are debated because if, as a filmmaker, your intention is to make a series action blockbuster, I would stay away from gold jumpsuits and a lot of laughter ensues!

We also present MegaForce The Musical - yes, coming to Broadway soon those wacky haired nut-jobs are at it again only this time with musical accompaniment!

I give you my run down of some films still in the cinema:
Hugo &
Safe House 
SO a jam packed episode of splendidness I am sure you'll agree.

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