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Saturday, 27 August 2011

EPISODE 6 - Everything you wanted to know about some Star Trek movies... but were afraid to ask

I am throwing this week's episode up a little over a day early because of possible power outages in NYC due to the wonderfully persistent hurricane Irene who could hit at any time. (it didn't really and I had power all weekend)

It's all about Star Trek movies, if the picture hadn't clued you in.

With wonderful serendipity it is Star Trek's 45th Birthday this week! (I am sorry lovely Trekkie's and Trekker's I had no idea)

We discuss the new J.J. Abrams movie, the original Motion Picture, the amazingly and excellent Wrath of Khan, the filler episode, Search for Spock, the comedy whales one, Voyage Home, we by-pass the ludicrous god one that Shatner directed and go right in to part 6, The Undiscovered Country.

Now if that isn't enough Star Trek movie based chat for you then you may seriously be beyond help.

So set phasers to chat, sit back in your swivel chairs of power and have a good old listen to this week's Star Trek themed After Movie Diner podcast and, when you're done, spread the word, won't you?

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Thanks! Enjoy!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

EPISODE 5 - The Walking Dead and other Zombies

This week's episode has crawled from a dusty and dirty grave, reared it's ugly head, yawned to reveal blood stained gnashers and got down to some serious chat about one of the newest editions to the endless and brilliant march of the zombies, The Walking Dead. On occasion we veer off and talk about other corpse-based corners of popular culture.

We also may touch on why America seems to keep giving parts to us Brits despite our inability to do a convincing accent.

Listen, enjoy, share, comment, rate and get down to the sweet sweet
sounds of The After Movie Diner.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

EPISODE 4 - Joe Dante Palooza, Troll Hunter and Tremors

In this epic podcasting spectacular, our longest yet, returning guest and master of chat Jon Wallace and I, slip into a leatherette booth at the warm and friendly After Movie Diner to discuss underrated and under-appreciated, master of horror Joe Dante casting a specific and fairly exhaustive eye over:

The Howling
Gremlins 2
and The 'Burbs.

We also present a couple of "Jon's Ones" in NEW Norwegian film Troll Hunter and old 80s faithful Tremors.

Rounded out with the usual brand of strange comedy and featuring an exclusive cut from BRAND NEW album 'Last Phone Box in Town' by O + N which is available for FREE download here:

Listen, learn, enjoy, rate, review, comment and SPREAD the WORD! :

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Monday, 8 August 2011

EPISODE 3 - Bafta Shorts, Skyline/Battle LA, Sylvester Stallone, Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This week's podcast is jam packed with flavour filled flick talk, like a tasty flowery bap with a big filling of mayonnaise drenched movie chat.
With no real theme to begin with, our heroes go on a stream of consciousness, film discussion journey where themes of human nature, war, evolution, religion and why, to make Stallone look intelligent, he has to wear glasses emerge.
So despite looking like a rag tag bunch of topics we manage, in our verbal dexterity, to link the latest BAFTA short film nominees, Sci-Fi Films - Battle LA and Skyline, Sylvester Stallone's body of work and Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams into a nicely fitting, cosy and hilarious sweater of a podcast.

Listen, Enjoy and SPREAD the WORD!

As mentioned in the pod, the two fellas who appear in this episode of The After Movie Diner have finally got round to recording an entire album of original semi-serious music entitled "The Last Phonebox in Town".
It is available to listen to and download at: completely free of charge.

Also the music featured in the podcast and my latest two albums can be found at:
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