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Sunday, 11 December 2011

EPISODE 20 - A Fistful of Dohler's - Alien Factor/Fiend/Blood Massacre/Blood Boob's and Beast

The waiting is over, it is finally here!

This week I am very excited to announce that we are looking at the early films or first half of the career of low-budget, independent, horror, sci-fi, Baltimore based and cult film director Don Dohler and by 'we' I mean returning combatants and friends of the Diner Nick 'Don't call me Bernie' ConsolPhil 'What was the movie called again?' Rowan and me.

We look at three films in particular of his:
Alien Factor - available on YouTube
Blood Massacre

We discussed Night Beast (another of his films) on an earlier podcast
Night Beast is available to watch on Hulu in North America

I also had the GREAT privilege to interview and talk to John Kinhart the director of
Blood, Boobs and Beast which is the first, last and best word on Don Dohler's career and life.
It is available, for North American listeners/readers to watch for free on Hulu and rent or buy from

For further information on Don Dohler why not go to an excellent website full of information for low budget film makers and Dohler info galore! There's also a GREAT interview on the site HERE.

For further information on John Kinhart or Blood, Boobs and Beast why not go to

After Movie Diner now on Smash or Trash a website about indie film making dedicated to Don Dohler with regular input from a variety of his collaborators both old and new- please check it out!

We are 'dohling' out the films, the facts and the funny in this week's jam packed episode. Step in, sit down, order a milkshake and watch the drive in screen from the window of the After Movie Diner...

This podcast has been approved by Mr.Mayor Bert Wicker himself, Dick Dyszel when he wrote to me and simply said:
Yes, I heard the podcast and liked it alot.

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