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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

EPISODE 19 - The Muppets/The Descendants/Post Python Movies/Sundown: A Vampire in Retreat

Well better late than never, here it is the unofficial sequel to our highly successful Terry Gilliam episode.

Mr. Wallace returns a married man to help us look at the other Python's and their post Flying Circus output.

Also this week!
I take a look at two brand new films, the highly anticipated return to the big screen for those lovable felt bastards -
The Muppets 
and the new independent spirited turn from Alexander Payne which already has people in a flutter about George Clooney's terrific performance -
The Descendants

All this PLUS!
because 2 people demanded we have the return of
Vinnie Gusset and The Tainted Shoe part 4 

A great discussion, some interesting e-mails, a confusing answer-phone message AND Our first Christmas Song of the season!
Billy Curmudgeon Sketch written & performed by Jim Phoel @DraconicVerses

it's a jam packed show you wouldn't want to miss!

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