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Sunday, 27 November 2011

EPISODE 18 - Thanksgiving Special - The Man Who Knew Too Little & Brannigan

This week the show is stuffed fuller than a certain wrinkly necked old bird on a special American Holiday (and no I am not talking about Thanksgiving round Judy Dench's house!)

We are super excited and very pleased to welcome Matt Ringler from The Schlock Treatment Podcast into the After Movie Diner.

His regular show can be found at on iTunes and Twitter @SchlockTreatmnt

Taking the theme of the yanks invading a limey's home turf we look at two films this week:
Bill Murray's last big comedy outing as a leading man
The Man Who Knew Too Little
and one of John Wayne's last films altogether, Dirty Harry clone in the UK, Brannigan

Marvel as we learn all about the Sweaty Vernon!
Wonder as we manage to tie melon smashing Gallagher into every podcast we do! and Gasp just a little bit
as we probe Mr.Ringler all about the curious origin to his ridiculous name.

All this and so much more in this week's After Movie Diner Thanksgiving Special!

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