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Sunday, 20 November 2011

EPISODE 17 - The Ultimate James Bond Marathon Part 2 Dalton/Brosnan & Craig

It was difficult to find a picture of Craig where he wasn't pouting like a lunatic

So here it is, finally, the episode I just know you've all been waiting for!
The second part of the Ultimate James Bond Marathon in the world... ever! 

In this episode we deal with the two excellent Dalton films, the disappointing and haphazard Brosnan output and almost come to blows while sizing up Craig's first couple of efforts!

Hear us argue, hear the laughter, feel the excitement, be part of the discussion and the silliness

There really is nothing quite like my old friend Mal stepping back into the After Movie Diner and going through some later era James Bond films.

Expect the unexpected!

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1 comment:

  1. Thank the gods you've finally moved into the Dolton/Brosnan/Craig Era, a.k.a. that part of the Bond series I can actually talk about with some degree of authority.

    First off, fan antipathy to Timothy Dolton is as old as Dolton's casting, mostly because it came after three years of media drumbeat convinced everyone Remington Steele was the only man worthy of Bond's role. Dolton had the bad luck to come off as the second choice. I think anybody they'd picked would've wound up in the same position. Which is funny since, as the Bond of the late-80s, he became a lot of people's first, and you never forget your first. Mine was also License to Kill. With any luck, the elder generation will soon die off and Dolton's films will get their due as some of the best in the series.

    Brosnan's entries, on the other hand, get my award for some of the worst because during his tenure the series finally gave up all pretense of being anything more than action schlock...apart from Die Another Day, which was a train wreck you dealt with effectively. Thank you for swapping out Madonna's godawful song, but the godawful story's what kicked my ass. It's not that Moonraker's any more or less reasonable, just that it's significantly less boring. And its dialogue is a hell of a lot smarter.

    More than that, Brosnan spent years expecting to play Bond. I believe this led him to play Bond as blandly and safely as possible, his every action calculated to please the fan base he was all too aware of, since it secured him the job. He looks like a man constantly searching for a mark he can't quite find in the glare of the stage lights. In other words, not a gooddamn thing like 007.

    He also has this bad actor habit of pursing his lips after nearly every line. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. But that's just one of my nit-picks.

    I stand in awe of your ability to stick with a single subject for this amount of time without going mad. Though the jury's still out on that one.


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