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Sunday, 13 November 2011

EPISODE 16 - Terry Gilliam/Time Bandits/Brazil/Fisher King/12 Monkeys/The Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus

Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to announce that the Diner is back open for business!!

After a week off due to the wondrous wedding of Mr.Wallace we are BACK! and back with a bang!

This week's ALL NEW episode is packed to bursting with all kinds of funny and heaps of film discussion and general chit-chattery.

For Starters and Appetisers
We've got the third installment in the Vinnie Gusset series!

We've got Tales from the TwitterVerse
(a re-inactment of discussions had and comments made)

Then for the Main Course
We've got Terry Gilliam chatter covering some of his most loved films in depth: Time Bandits
The Fisher King 
12 Monkeys
The Imaginarium of Dr.parnassus 

with hearty sides of:
Monty Python animation work
Crimson Permanent Assurance 
Baron Munchausen 
Brothers Grimm and more. 

Then as Dessert
We have an ALL NEW Campbell's Corner 
Covering the straight-to-VHS rarity Moontrap
in which BC Co-Stars with Star Trek's own Walter Koenig.

Come on in, take a load off, order a burger, some fries and all kinds of pies and stay a while in The After Movie Diner

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