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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Guest Spot 1 - Schlock Treatment Ep 47 - The Evil Dead

I couldn't be happier that this past week I appeared as a guest on one of my favourite podcasts Schlock Treatment.

They were doing a series of horror films for their Schlocktober season, had their listeners take votes on what they wanted to hear them discuss and Evil Dead came in 2nd.

As self appointed 'No.1 authority on Evil Dead nonsense in NYC' I arrogantly barged my way onto their show and hijacked the episode, you can read about it here:
and hear what ensued here: Schlock Treatment episode 47 - The Evil Dead

I want to say a big public thank you to Marc, Matt, Doug and even Kirk (although he wasn't there sadly) for allowing me this fantastic opportunity. I was nervous but I had a blast!

The show is also available on iTunes:

I strongly urge you to subscribe to their show and listen to every single one. It's a great podcast!

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