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Monday, 31 October 2011


Spot the odd one out

The Master and Boris welcome you to this the FIRST ever
and, murderous ghouls, do we have a spooky, scary and undeniably hellish episode in store for you!! 

The dark overlord, proud Masschusite and Legend of the Tweeter Mr. Scott Toomey  joins me to discuss the season appropriate, horrific Holiday Slasher film! 

We take a look at 
- My Bloody Valentine 1981 
- Night of the Creeps (This one slipped in using a slight technicality but it features Tom Atkins! shut up and enjoy!) 
- Halloween (The Grand-Daddy of the Genre) 
- ThanksKilling 
- Don't Open Till Christmas 
- Happy Birthday To Me 

If you get scared, sleep with the light on! ENJOY! 

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1 comment:

  1. I applaud yours and Mr. Toomey's efforts to carpet bomb the seasonal slasher sub-genre. Halloween is obviously an old favorite, so ingrained I can't even really remember when I first saw it, while Night of the Creeps is one of my favorite 80s creature features for all the reason you mentioned (Atkins, zombies, in-jokes)…but especially for its sincere follow through. It stares genre tropes in the face and asks them to be taken seriously, though Tom Aktins might have some trouble believing in them.

    I first came across My Bloody Valentine in the late 90s but, like you, found it a stand-out example of the genre's first great wave, mostly because of its ordinary (though tarted up for the cameras) setting. While everyone else in 1981 rushed to rip-off Friday the 13th and set their slasher movie in some isolated woodland locale, My Blood Valentine successfully copied the Halloween formula, contrasting its horror with as much mundane normalcy as possible.

    Unfortunately, neither of you mentioned the Holy Grail of seasonal slasher movies series, the Silent Night, Deadly Night films. They're five of them, and they're certainly not going to analyze themselves. Keep up the good work and I’ll certainly keep listening.


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