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Sunday, 23 October 2011

EPISODE 14 - McBain/Massacre Mafia Style/Don Dohler's Nightbeast/Icebreaker

The Second Strictly B-Movie-A-Thon

Yes this week in the After Movie Diner we delve once more into some bargain bin b-movies. It's an inventive, rich, interesting world populated with weird and wonderful characters who, with true determination and grit, get their stuff out there for all to see as best they can. The results are usually, at least, as interesting as the stories behind them.
I am joined in this quest into the rare, odd and homegrown by not one guest but three, including my good lady wife in her first starring role!

This time round we looked at the following epic 4 films:
Christopher Walken starring, James Glikenhaus nonsense actioner,

Duke Mitchell, crooner, auteur and soliloque deliverer extraudinaire gave us some
Massacre Mafia Style

Local entrepreneur and Baltimore Z-Movie legend Don Dohler and his

and finally

Campbell's Corner: This week it's the Die-Hard-on-a-ski-slope, straight to video curiosity Icebreaker in which, weirdly enough, no ice breaks.

The Interview from The After Movie Diner
This week's episode also includes an interview with independent film director Bowls Maclean about his and Matt Glasson's feature film, the un-romatinc comedy
Love Stalker


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