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Monday, 3 October 2011

EPISODE 11 - The Action Neeson/Drive/Kille Elite/Kill List/Senna/Without a Clue/Maniac Cop

Look Out! The Action Neeson!
no Neeson's were harmed in the making of this Podcast

This week's After Movie Diner podcast is back in its newer format with sections that cover four NEW films:
Drive, Killer Elite, Kill List & Senna

The later action work of Mr. Liam Neeson

Brit film Recommendations: Without a Clue

Campbell's Corner: Maniac Cop

There is also a VERY special announcement to make and that is:
The After Movie Diner Podcast is now part of
other members include:
@DrunkonVHS -
@TheCultCouch -
@basementreviews -

Please join us at our FIRST live Movie Tweet-A-Long:
Oct 4th on Twitter please use the hashtag: #2UT
The Movie: Black Gunn

All this and the usual brand of weird comedy make this an episode you wouldn't want to miss!

Featuring the NEW music of:
The Cross Town Trio

This week's Wecommendations from the World Wide Web are:
The Big Kahuna Movie Reviews Blog
And You Thought It Was Safe? Blog

and The Independent film:
The Year After Infection

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