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Sunday, 25 September 2011

EPISODE 10 - My Horror-able Life: Zombie Films/Army of Darkness/The Meaning of Life/Porn & Private Schools

Well we made it. Our 10th birthday! 10 weeks old today! 

In celebration of that fact, this week's episode is, finally, the second part of the zombie discussion that started in Episode 5 but, please, DON'T worry, if you are new, you don't need to listen to Ep 5, this is a whole NEW discussion.

Rather than focussing on a set of films or a particular actor this week, we basically cover the life of the people behind the podcast. Our first experience with Horror movies, gore, the Evil Dead movies and pornography.

Along the way we take in:
Monty Python's Meaning of Life
Army of Darkness
John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns
Hammer Horror's Dracula: Prince of Darkness
Lord of the Rings
Buffy, Firefly 
and back to The Walking Dead.

Here's hoping you enjoy our trip down memory lane and laugh at the ridiculous way we stumbled through life!

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1 comment:

  1. As always, a wonderful discussion, covering a suitably wide range of topics. Particular thanks to Mr. Wallace, who perhaps missed his calling as an interviewer, for drawing all that biographical data out of our host and Humble Narrator. I'm always interested in knowing where critics come from and what formative experiences shaped their movie-going perspectives.
    As a resident of the Midwestern United States, I was lucky enough to rent and view all three Evil Dead movies sequentially, though you'd have never known Army of Darkness capped off a trilogy from its location in the video store. Evil Deads 1 and 2 were confined to the Horror section along the back wall while Army of Darkness stood out loud and proud in the Action Section, next such "classics" as Steven Segal's Above the Law and Carl Weather's Action Jackson. But, as Mr. Wallace suggested, Bruce Campbell inspired more loyalty than those dime-a-dozen action stars by remaining – even at his most bad-ass – identifiably human. Its far easier to project one's self into Bruce Campbell's shoes than the combat boots of Ah-nuld or the cowboy boots of Chuck Norris. Thanks to his example, an entire generation of horror fans have dedicated their lives to preparing for the zombie Apocalypse.


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