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Monday, 8 August 2011

EPISODE 3 - Bafta Shorts, Skyline/Battle LA, Sylvester Stallone, Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This week's podcast is jam packed with flavour filled flick talk, like a tasty flowery bap with a big filling of mayonnaise drenched movie chat.
With no real theme to begin with, our heroes go on a stream of consciousness, film discussion journey where themes of human nature, war, evolution, religion and why, to make Stallone look intelligent, he has to wear glasses emerge.
So despite looking like a rag tag bunch of topics we manage, in our verbal dexterity, to link the latest BAFTA short film nominees, Sci-Fi Films - Battle LA and Skyline, Sylvester Stallone's body of work and Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams into a nicely fitting, cosy and hilarious sweater of a podcast.

Listen, Enjoy and SPREAD the WORD!

As mentioned in the pod, the two fellas who appear in this episode of The After Movie Diner have finally got round to recording an entire album of original semi-serious music entitled "The Last Phonebox in Town".
It is available to listen to and download at: completely free of charge.

Also the music featured in the podcast and my latest two albums can be found at:

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